Welcome to MG Mecca


Our car sales, shop and workshops are fully open, observing social distancing. 

  • We have hand sanitising stations for staff and customers.
  • All workshop jobs are sanatised and checked off before and after work.
  • Car sales cars are sanitised and checked daily and before and after any test drives.
  • We are able to offer unaccompanied test drives with full insurance. We can also offer delivery on car sales.

Opening times:

Weekdays: 9 - 5.30pm
Saturdays: 10 - 1pm (from July 1st)
Sundays: Closed


MG Mecca is run by Russell Storer, a serious marque expert with a wealth of knowledge.

The team includes specialist mechanics, trimmers, paint and bodywork men with a wealth of experience. Thank you very much for visiting www.mgmecca.co.uk, we hope you find something to keep you amused!

We are currently building a comprehensive range of spares for you to choose on-line. If you don't like the site, please tell us, but if you do, please tell your friends

Car of the month

1954 MG TF


Inside the workshop

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